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Afghanistan (Day 6) PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 23 May 2008 08:10

Reporting to you live.....from Kandahar, Afghanistan....Friday, May 23rd.....

Well, we never made it to our show at The PRT yesterday, or the FOB (Forward Operating Base) because of safety concerns. We were all extremely dissappointed....but of course safety comes first.

Instead, they busied our day with visits to compounds around camp where we had a chance to visit some of the soliders and learn about what they do here on base. We also had a chance to sit in on a visit by the Afghanie spiritual leader for the province of Kandahar. He was also a past general with the Afghan National Army. He explained, in detail the meaning of Ghihad(sp?) and the Islamic religion. It was very facinating and definitely not what we "westerners" at home think it is. It's amazing how warped ideals can become.....it really makes you think about how we view this world we live in.

We decided to have a promptu "jam" session last night in front of Canada House for the soliders which was rudely interrupted by a rocket attack. We all heard the siren and headed for the nearest bunker, which fortunately was across the street. There wasn't any room left inside so we hunkered close to it and waited for the "all clear" siren which took about 30 mins.  Apparently not an uncommon occurence, there were three of them last week!  After all clear we proceeded to have our jam session and a great time was had by all. Hit the sack around 11:00 after showering the days layers of sweat & dust off and had the best sleep yet.

Everyone is really excited about our 1st show here on base at KAF (Kandahar Air Field), will let you know how it went tomorrow!