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Afghanistan (Day 4) PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 21 May 2008 23:07

Hello from Kandahar!

Reporting to you live.....from Kandahar, Afghanistan....Wednesday, May 21st.....

We arrived safely yesterday afternoon after an amazing ride on the C130 Hercules, I was in the cockpit for the last 45 mins of the flight including final approach and landing into Kandahar.....it was amazing! Once on the ground we were transported to our quarters and "Canada House", a gathering place and social headquarters for the Canadian troops. We were surprised to learn that our accomodations would be in an air conditioned dwelling as opposed to a tent and that was fine with us. We had our first of many briefings and went for dinner. We then did a little touring around base and made a stop at one of our Canadian favorites....Tim Hortons!! Yup, there's a Timmies here and the line-up is always 15-20 people long. We crashed pretty early as we were all beat.

This morning we went for breakfast around 8:00am and then were taken on a tour in some armored vehicles; a Bison, a LAV (light armored vehicle) and a Nyala, which is one of the newest and safest vehicles our troops use.  After lunch we were escorted to the firing range where we had a quick lesson on how to shoot a combat rifle and a pistol. UNBELIEVABLE!! With complete gear on I emptied a full magazine of a C8 Combat rifle at a target as well as a 9mm pistol. THEN, I had the chance to fire another C8 magazine on "automatic", which translates to rapid fire of about 4-5 rounds a second! WHAT A RUSH! I think I'm still a little pumped! What an experience!

Now, I'm gonna go shower the 3 lbs of dirt and sweat off before going to a BBQ in our honor where we'll meet the "big wigs" on the base.....word is that we'll get to have a beer......yay! That should really help in washing the dust out of our throats!

Tomorrow we're heading into the PRT in Kandahar City for a show and it looks like we'll be staying there overnight. Apparently there are about 400 soldiers there (200 Cdn) and they are very anxious for our visit.  Really looking forward to the show and the helicopter ride that will take us there.

Not sure if I'll be able to update you from there but if not it'll be Friday for sure!