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Afghanistan (Day 3) PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 20 May 2008 08:07

Hey everyone!

Well, had our first show for the troops last night and it went great! They really enjoyed the 3 1/2 hr extravaganza and we got a standing "O"! Just to brief you on the entertainment line-up we have blues rocker Matt Minglewood, Duane Steele, Genette Genereux, 2 fiddle players from the east coast ~ Troy MacGillivary and Kimberley Fraser, and two comedians Kenny Shaw and Pete Zedlacker who is host on "Just for Laughs". It was a great mix and the crowd responded fantastic.

The weather has been more of same "HOT". You work up a sweat in about 30 seconds just standing there and. It should be a little cooler (or I should say, less hot) in Kandahar as it's more of a desert climate, less humidity and the nights will cool down to around 20-25 degrees celsius. We're leaving this morning on a C130 Hercules aircraft around 11:00 am and it'll be a 3 1/2 hr flight into Kandahar. We picked up our PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) yesterday consisting of a helmet & flack jacket which we're required to wear on all take-off and landings, those suckers are pretty heavy. The helmet is about 3 lbs and the jacket about 20lbs with the artillary plates in them. Kinda weighs heavy on the boobs!! We have 4 shows total in Kandahar over the next 5 days...2 on
base in Kandahar (which they call KAF ~ Kandahar Air Field), 1 at the PRT (Provincial Reconstruction Team) that's located right in the city of Kandahar, and 1 at a FOB (Forward Operating Base) somewhere in the southern remote area of Afghanistan. For the last 2 we'll be transported by helicopter (either Chinook or Blackhawk). Very exciting yet a little unnerving but still nothing compared to what the soldiers experience every day!

Looking forward to the next couple days and will send another update when my feet are on the ground in Afghanistan!