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Never before have so many artists from Canada been recognized around the world for their contributions to the art of country music.

Meet Diane Chase.

From humble beginnings in Sudbury, Ontario and the youngest of ten children, she found her voice at age five and as a teenager began touring with the popular band “Flirt” in Ontario and Quebec.  Realizing the power of stage performing, Diane packed up, moved to Toronto and never looked back.  Although earning her Canadian securities license and working as an investment banker by day, the call to write, record and sing took over, and Diane committed to a full time career as a recording and performing artist.

As one of Toronto’s highly sought after and most established female vocalists, Diane’s quest to improve her craft led her to Nashville and home again to Kitchener, Ontario’s Cedar Tree Studios where Diane worked with CCMA Award winning producer Rick Hutt.  The release of her first CD, “IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMETHING” followed shortly thereafter.  The title track and first single skyrocketed to the Top 10 and remained entrenched at the top of radio play lists for months, a precursor of the success to follow. The video became a CMT favorite, earning the # 9 spot on their Top 20 Countdown.  Subsequent singles and videos WALKIN’ AWAY WITH YOU, TAKING BACK MY HEART, THERE I GO AGAIN, CRAZY IN LOVE all ruled the charts over the next 24 months and culminated in 2 Top 10 and 4 Top 20 hits on the charts as well as 4 Top 10 videos on CMT. With the success of her first CD and numerous CCMA nominations later Diane was ready for the next chapter.

The 2004 launch and release of Diane’s second CD, “THE RIDE” boasted 2 Top 20 hits with the release of the self titled single THE RIDE followed by I HATE LOVE.  The CD’s debut video also achieved Top 10 status on CMT.  Described as a “top down, music up, fun-filled journey through some of country’s back roads and city streets”, Diane began the introspection of who she was and what she was about, wanting her audiences to know the same.   And find out about her they did.

With over 300 concert dates under her country belt buckle Diane has crisscrossed Canada time and again, performing on stage with the likes of Alabama & The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Michelle Wright and The Wilkinsons to name a few.  In 2005 she was first invited to perform overseas where she sang for Canadian and Coalition Forces in Afghanistan, the Persian Gulf and the Canadian North.  Described as a “life altering” moment, Diane returned for 4 additional show tours between 2006 and 2008.  Diane’s heart and songs continue to captivate her audiences, both in Canada and abroad culminating with her latest tour in France 2008.

The musical adventure continues with the release of Diane’s current CD, “GETTIN’ THERE”.  Never one to sit idle, in the fall of 2008 Diane enlisted the services of Nashville producer/songwriter NOAH GORDON (Johnny Reid, Jason Blaine) and CCMA Guitar Player of the Year & Best Producer nominee JASON BARRY (Terri Clark, Aaron Lines, Shane Yellowbird) and began writing and recording a new project.  Working with the finest musicians and co-writing with some of the best songwriters in the business today, Diane’s new CD is truly a reflection of the gifted artist she is.  Spirited, high energy, hook laden songs give way to poignant introspections on life, love and laugher reflecting not only the artist but the woman.  Diane takes musicality to another height acknowledging her as a talented writer with a strong feel for lyrics – her delivery is flawless with each performance of the CD’s eleven tracks. 


Diane IS back.  That's awesome!

Paul O’Neil
BIG DOG 92-7
Regina, Saskatchewan

Glad to have Diane back with new music! 
A great voice and a great ambassador for Country music in Canada!

Cory Noel
96.5 CKFM
Olds, Alberta

Diane, you have been missed, both musically AND personally.
Good stuff.  A little more edge and the sound is GOOD.


Bruce Leperre
730 CKDM
Dauphin, Manitoba


As history does have a tendency to repeat itself Diane Chase has delivered another body of work that will captivate new listeners and be embraced by loyal friends, fans and audiences alike.


GETTIN’ THERE” is distributed nationally by OnRamp Records/EMI Music Canada.


fact sheet  
In The Middle of Something           2000
The Ride             2004
Gettin’ There            2009
In The Middle of Something          Top 10
Walkin’ Away With You     Top 20
Taking Back My Heart    Top 10
There I Go Again           Top 20
Crazy In Love       Top 20
The Ride         Top 20
music videos  
 In The Middle of Something        Top 10
 Walkin’ Away With You         Top 10
 Taking Back My Heart       Top 10
 There I Go Again          Top 10
 The Ride          Top 10
 Independent Female Vocalist of the Year CCMA      2007
 Independent Female Vocalist of the Year CCMA      2006
 Independent Female Vocalist of the Year CCMA    2005
songwriters Diane hascollaborated with for this project  
 Victoria Banks (Sara Evans)  
 Jason Blaine  
 Noah Gordon  
 Steve Fox (Montgomery Gentry, Brad Johner, Patricia Conroy)  



“But the strength of Chase's talent isn't one dimensional – she's more than just a performer. She's also a capable and talented writer and it's in the writing where the lyrically astute singer from Aurora, Ontario paints her mark with pop and country feel-good blasts and ballads. She has a countrified style that sits well in the driver's seat. She has a strong feel for lyrics, and her vocal performance wins on every outing.”
George Peden
Country Stars On-line

“Diane is at ease with all facets of Country Music be it fast or slow, the overall production and song writing are first class and leave you waiting for the next instalment from this very exciting and versatile Country Music Artist from way up North in Canada.”
Ron Bradey
Yarra Valley FM 99.1
Melbourne, Australia